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  JW-A14 multihead weigher    
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Post Date:
- March 25, 2017
Product Name
- JW-A14 multihead weigher
- JW-A14 14 Head Waterproof Combination Weigher
Ⅰ. Application:
It is suitable for weighing of granule, slice, roll or irregular shape materials such as candy, seed, jelly, fries, coffee granule, peanut, puffy food, biscuit, chocolate, nut, yogurt pet food, frozen foods, etc. It is also suitable for weighing small hardware and plastic component.

Ⅱ. Outstanding Features:
*Can be connected to a computer to see and print the data statistics.
*With a timing hopper device, you have multiple options with Auto Selection: ①With timing hopper always open for one bagging machine, product discharged directly from weigher into bagging machine; ②Feed two bagging machines with diverter chute gate; ③Feed one bagging machine and reject under or overweight products with diverter chute.
*Facility to maximize or minimize the operation angle to the size of the product. This will achieve high speeds with precision;
*The weigh hopper can be preset to open in order (staggered) to avoid blockages with puffy or problem products.

III. General Features:
*Select the optimum combination immediately from multiple combinations;
*Adopt high precision digital load cell to get precise weighing.
*Operation language: English, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, Dutch and Korean etc.
*IP65 waterproof and dustproof design, which is easy to clean and maintain;
*The powerful ability of failure self-diagnosed.
*Provided with strong help-menu and operator friendly design.
*The powerful AUTO data statistical function.
*The function of measurement by counting granules or pieces to satisfy your various requirements.
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