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  Living Cattle Pneumatic Ritual Type (Halal) Killing Box    
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Post Date:
- May 24, 2013
Product Name
- Living Cattle Pneumatic Ritual Type (Halal) Killing Box
- QE-C104-III
Which mainly used to fixed living cattle and turn with 1800 for killing, the detail data as following
1)-Design principle: Pneumatic driving
2)-Capacity: 50-60cattle per hour
3)-Air Consumption: 30L/Cycle
4-Air compressed: PT1/4, 8Bar
5)-Distance: 3200X2300X2800mm (LXWXH)
Hot Galvanized Steel support frame and prevention panel
Industrial plastic and Alloy gas party
7)-Weight: 2800Kg
8)-Remark: Include one set cattle collection grid plate
9)-Operation procedure:
The cattle are driven to the driving-in opening door
The cattle is brought into position using a feeder flap and shifting of the positioned
The head is pushed upwards automatically by means of a shackle and positioned
The box is turned hydraulically by 900 or 1800 clockwise(from the perspective of the operator when in the box looking in the direction of the cattle)
Then the staffs killing cattle through neck
The box is turned 1800 side walls opened and automatically ejection of animal onto collection grid plate

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