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  Semi-automatic ketchup filling machine    
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Post Date:
- August 01, 2016
Product Name
- Semi-automatic ketchup filling machine
Semi-automatic ketchup filling machine
Jinan Dongtai has been known for its product quality, our automatic packaging machine is to obtain the approval of many customers, the Dongtai automatic packaging machine customers encouraged better improve automatic packaging customers because Dongtaimachine to achieve a more effective growth.
Filling Machine Product Description:

Our company products include:Oil filling machine,Liquid filling machine,Paste filling machine,ect.

Principles and characteristics of
1, DG semi-automatic piston type single head Paste Filling Machine, developed by DG is the semi-automatic piston type filling a series of high concentrations of fluids filling the filling machine, which is driven by a cylinder
A piston-and-valve three principles to extract and play high concentration of materials,and to magnetic reed switch control cylinder stroke, you can adjust the amount of filling.
2, this device has simple structure, reasonable and easy to understand, and high accuracy.
3, reasonable design, model compact, easy to operate pneumatic part of Germany FESTO and Taiwan are used AirTac pneumatic components.
4, the material contact parts are used 316L stainless steel material, meet the GMP requirements.
5, filling volume and filling speed can be arbitrarily adjusted, filling and high accuracy.
6, filling, focusing instead on use of anti-drip, anti-filling drawing and lifting devices.

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